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Since our founder and principal, Paul Jaminet, originated the field of relationship economics in 2000, we have been helping businesses navigate a treacherous landscape by separating genuine trends and opportunities from the chaff of business fads and illusory change.

Relationship economics is a new social science that explains the ways social networks evolve and the optimal social structure within and among businesses. It shows how new technologies like the Internet change business structures, helping some businesses expand and forcing others to contract or go out of business entirely. It reveals how best to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities; how managerial practice must evolve; and how to distinguish lasting trends from ephemeral change.

For eight years at RelEconomist™, we have applied relationship economics to help solve the problems facing executives in fast-changing industries like software technology, finance, and new media. Our clients have ranged in size from venture-funded startups to firms with $500 million revenue.

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The best way to start a conversation is to send an email to our founder and principal, Paul Jaminet: pauljaminet@releconomist.com. To learn more about relationship economics and its applications to business and life, visit Paul's blog, The Relationship Economist.


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